The Butterfly Project mentees meet once a month for a life changing word. We embark upon everyday issues teen girls face such as peer pressure, sex, esteem, friends, relationships, decisions, and school. We use the word of God to teach, explain, and show them how they are able to overcome these issues on a daily basis.


In the month of May, we acknowledge those mentees who have succeeded in academics, community service, sisterhood, and leadership. These young ladies are required to have been a part of The Butterfly Project Mentoring Program for 3 years.

Conflict ResolutionTraining

Conflict can be functional or dysfunctional. Our mentees have the opportunity to be engaged in real world simulations where they are confronted with challenging situations and given a choice to handle the matter in a functional manner.


PURITY is more than abstinence from sex until marriage. It is a life centered on respect for God, self, family, friends, and community. Our mentees partake in a weekend retreat on purity to learn how this lifestyle can affect them in a positive way.


All work and no play isn’t fun for anyone! Our mentees get together for fun excusions throughout the year to have a good time with one another. Our B-Out trips provides opportunities for bonding and fun.

Inspire MeTrips

At the end of our program year (June), the mentees embark upon a life changing trip to a city or state many of the girls have never visited. They have the opportunity to visit and walk the grounds of a college and speak with representatives to get an idea of what college life is all about. The girls also visit restaurants that are not the norm, so no McDonald’s allowed. Inspire Me is all about being inspired to get going and becoming GREAT!

Get To CollegeWorkshops

College preparation is vital for those who desire a higher education. Mentors work with our girls on study skills, ACT Prep, and tutoring to make sure they have the tools they need for their next level of education.


We want to equip our mentees with financial literacy. Our desire is to cultivate a generation of young girls who are wise in their giving, spending, and savings. Knowing at an early age that money is a tool used for great things and it all starts now by sacrificing what they want now for what they will truly desire later.