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Zenobia Jackson


Zenobia Jackson is the founder of The Butterfly Project and program director at Solid Foundation Community Development Corporation, a non-profit organization. Her passion for helping young girls drove her to develop a Christ centered program that could reach a generation of hurting, lost, and scared teen girls. A former teacher, she believes that her mission not only includes academic success, but a success holistically. Zenobia believes that education is important, yet she saw how these broken vessels were unable to retain knowledge and that she had to build a system of care. The Butterfly Project shows teen girls how to conform their beliefs, speech, and actions to Christ's standards. We see hope in our girls. We see hearts, minds, and lives transforming. We see a generation of young women standing up and saying, “We are loved, we have purpose in Christ, and we are prepared to fulfill it!”

Zenobia Jackson

Our Mission

The Butterfly Project seeks to help at-risk middle and high school aged girls make the transformation into women with Godly purpose by providing a positive atmosphere of caring mentors who influence the girls through Christ-centered academic training, community service projects, empowerment sessions, leadership development and travel experiences.

Our Vision

Our vision is to decrease the number of teen pregnancies, abusive behavior, and high school drop out rates and to increase the graduation rates of at-risk teen girls while developing model leaders and productive citizens. We want to see young women embracing their God-given purpose and running after their passions in life. We want to see young women inspiring, teaching, and giving to those around them. We want to see young women becoming more like Christ and transforming the world around them making it a better place.

Our Purpose

The Butterfly Project was created to restore hope, build self-respect and dignity, and empower “lost girls” living in disadvantaged circumstances to accomplish their dreams by transforming them into a generation of globally conscious, purpose-driven and Christ-centered women.



Zenobia Jackson

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Zenobia Jackson founded the Butterfly Project in Tunica County in 2012 and serves as Executive Director.